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About SHP

Welcome to Scranton Honors Prosram

Scranton Honors Program (SHP) was established in March 2007. Ewha Womans University designed this unique program with the aim of educating future leaders equipped to take on the challenges of the knowledge-based and globalized society. Prospective students can become a part of SHP by entering the program as a freshman with an open major. Also, among students currently enrolled at Ewha Womans University, a selected number of outstanding students will be given the opportunity to become SHP students. SHP students will double major in various major tracks, along with their original majors. For this second major, they can chose one of several core fields of study or create a self-designed major.

Through well-organized elective courses, Scranton Honors Program cultivates multitalented and creative students. By offering in-depth study in major courses, the Scranton Honors Program provides students with advanced education of various fields to help them acquire professional skills that the future information society demands. Also, by gaining skills such as sophisticated analytics and communication techniques, SHP graduates will be able to thoroughly analyze and present their insights on issues being raised in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Graduates will be able to hold rational discussions on such issues and come up with alternative methods of dealing with problems. After four years in the Honors Program, students will be more than ready to fulfill various roles in any given profession of any field that requires an academic education. To name a few post-graduation prospects, students may advance to overseas graduate schools, law schools, and medical schools. They may also work for the government and government agencies, international organizations, multinational corporations, media companies, consulting firms, and so forth.