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International Studies (IS) at Ewha Womans University offers an comprehensive interdisciplinary program combining economics, political science, business, history, and law related to global concerns. Established in 2001, IS is the first international studies program in Korea to offer the most comprehensive, English-language interdisciplinary courses on international studies. All courses in IS is conducted in English and arranged in small sizes to encourage student participation. With excellent faculty, facilities, and curriculum, IS prepares students to become global leaders who are well-versed in international affairs.

Education Goals

International Studies(IS) aims at preparing our students to become global leaders in both private and public sectors in the international community. IS offer programs to nurture leadership through developing negotiation skills, problem solving techniques, communication proficiency and wider perception of the world. Students who have successfully completed the program are expected to be effective conflict managers and successful leaders who possess inter-cultural communication skills, presentation skills, debate skills, creativity, flexibility, open-mindedness, and a balanced global perspective.


HistoryTable for History
2007.3 Division of International Studies was affiliated to Scranton College
2001.3 Division of International Studies was established