Ewha Womans University Scranton College

Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Undergraduate school

The curriculum of BCS is designed to provide students with strong foundation in brain and cognitive sciences, equip them with research skills and techniques, and offer diverse opportunities in a broad range of brain and cognitive sciences related areas.

  • The first and second year students must complete the core major courses including the “Foundations of Brain and Cognitive Sciences”, “Exploration of Brain and Cognitive Sciences”, “Brain, Human, and Society” and “Basics of Brain and Cognitive Sciences Research”.
  • Upon entering second year, BCS offers a wide range of major courses including “Introduction to Neuroeconomics” and “Female Brain”, as well as courses with hands-on laboratory work including “Laboratory Experiments in Neuroscience” and “Laboratory Experiments in Brain and Cognitive Sciences” which will equip the students with practical experimental skills.
  • Along with the major courses, the students must complete the selected basic and core elective courses. After completing most of the major courses, the fourth year students can take the most advanced courses including the seminars which will introduce the most important issues and recent cutting-edge research studies in the field of brain and cognitive sciences. In this way, BCS curriculum encompass the theoretical, methodological, and practical practices that equip the students to have a deep understanding of brain and cognitive sciences as well as valuable skill sets to become professionals.