Ewha Womans University Scranton College

Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Graduate school

Brain and cognitive sciences collectively pursues understanding of not only neuroscience but also the psychology and cognitive processes of human brain. The cutting-edge field also attempts to take advantage of latest technologies and adopt research paradigm shift originating from NT-BT-IT fusion. The Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences was established to play a leading role in education and research in this integrated field science focused on brain and mind.

The Aim Of Education

The educational aim of the Department encompasses the fields of neuroscience, neuropharmacology, cognitive science, and neuroengineering.
Women scientists trained and educated in the Department will contribute to advancing brain and cognitive science of the 21st century promoting understanding of human mind and developing novel therapies for neurological diseases.

Graduation Requirement

  • For graduation, students must earn the number of academic credits as listed below:
    • Master degree: 24 credits
    • PhD: 60 credits (including 24 from the master degree)
    • Combined Master's and Doctoral Degrees Program: 60 credits
  • English Examination
  • Submit Degree Thesis

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