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Campus Life

Scranton College Facilities

Facility Reservations

International Education Building(IEB) Room 702 and Room 1202 are available for school activities only. For availability, please visit our office at IEB 707 from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. A reservation form shall need to be filled out at the office.

  1. It is only permitted to reserve the room for maximum 3 periods at a time
  2. Scranton College Students should constitute more than 1/2 of total participants of the activity.

Computer Lab

The computer lab(Rm. 703 at International Education Building) has 12 computers and one printer available for students from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. The lab is mostly closed during the vacation but can always be opened on request during the office hours.

How to buy a print card

Print cards (5,000 won) are available at Scranton office(IEB 707, cash only) or Ewha COOP(cash or credit card).

Computer Lab

Locker Rentals

Locker RentalsTable for Locker Rentals
Division Location Where to reserve Reservation Date & Rental period
1st floor(70)
6th floor(50)
7th floor(10)
8th floor(50)
Scranton College
(Rm. 707 IEB)
2nd~3rd week of March
Please, refer to our notices.
(No reservation opens for the fall semester.)
Rental Period:
Until the last day of fall semester. (one year)
DIS 9th floor(20)
10th floor(20)
11th floor(60)
12th floor(60)
DIS student council Date:
Beginning of every semester.
(To be announced. For particulars please inquire the DIS student council.)
Rental Period:
one semestera

Each freshman of Scranton Honors Program(SHP) is able to use one locker on the first floor of International Education Building(IEB). Students who have already reserved lockers at other locations on campus such as the central library or ECC are not allowed to reserve an another one at IEB. When returning the lockers, students should vacate their lockers and bring the keys to the office.

All students of Division of International Studies(DIS) should apply for their lockers through DIS Student Council during the beginning of each semester.


10,000 won (All students will receive the deposit back when returning the locker key)

Locker Rentals
  • locker-1st floor
  • locker-7th floor
  • locker-8th floor

Reading Room

Reading Room(IEB 1203) is available for all students from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. It does not require a reservation process.

Reading Room